Why Your Small Businesses Need IT Network Management

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As I’m sure you already know, the internet is a dangerous place — especially for a company to store their data. According to statistics, there are over 200 countries with criminals lurking on the internet, just waiting to steal your data from you. And to make matters worse, in 2012, the FBI released a statement, pegging the internet and cyber-hacking as the next kind of terrorism. They stated: ?Down the road, the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country.”
While in our largely digital age, we longer have much of a choice for data storage and protection, there are good guys lurking around the web that strive to make the internet a safer place — but with a cost.
Hiring a network it management company will benefit your company in many ways. Firstly, over half of all employees that quit or are fired steal data from the company. By using external IT services, you are not only getting virus protection, but you are getting constant IT support and IT management, and extranet risk analysis, ensuring breaches in security never transpire. This also allows the company to remain at a distance from the protection, so no one will perform any inside jobs.
Having breaches in data can vastly and negatively effect your company. But not to worry; you’re not alone in your concerns. In fact 53% of companies expressed that they have little to no confidence in not getting a data breach. This is fairly large, but is exactly why IT servics exist, providing realtime extranet risk analysis, ensuring that all systems are stable, secure, and free of viruses and breaches at all times.
Don’t be like the 57% of all small businesses that fail to back up their data. Instead, be proactive and enlist of the help of information technology services and management. Your employees, wallet, and company will thank you later.