Is Your Marketing Reaching the Online Masses?

Seo wilmington

Is your business doing enough to generate leads, website traffic, and search engine optimization? Does your marketing department have the edge to know what is currently hooking potential customers? What about specific seo tips and tricks to get your name at the top of Google’s result page? If not, you may want to consider hiring a company that specializes in internet marketing. Specifically: mobile websites, seo marketing, and blogging.

1. Mobile Websites – In today’s technology day in age it’s not uncommon to be in a room with dozens of other people and notice that the majority of them are staring at their smart phones. Have you ever thought about what they might be looking at or for? Well thanks to a Pew Internet poll we know that 58% of people have researched a service or product online. We also know that 61% of customers who visit a mobile site that is unfriendly or not easy to navigate are likely to get frustrated enough to abandon that site and go to a competitor?s site. Ask us about mobile friendly website design so that your customers don’t have that problem.

2. SEO Services – Many business owners over the last decade have been asking the same question: “what is seo?” SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is essentially a way to make sure that when users search for a product or service that your business offers, you end up at the top of their results. Currently, over half (57%) of B2B marketers say that seo techniques make the biggest impact on their lead generation goals. We have a plethora of seo tips and tricks to get you to the top of the search result page no matter what you sell or offer. That’s why we’re the experts!

3. Blogging – It’s not unlikely that over the course of your life you have probably read a personal or political blog that may have changed the way you think about something. Business blogs are no different. In fact, nearly 60% of businesses state that they have acquired a customer through their company blog. This is because continuous and effectively timed blogging is a way for small, local businesses to interact with their current consumers and potential ones as well!

The bottom-line is, if you believe that your business could benefit from improving your mobile website, seo tips and techniques, or a well thought out blog there’s no time to wait. We all know that the internet isn’t going anywhere so why not make sure your company is represented the right way online? It’s really a win-win. Make the call today!