Whats New in College Recruitment Software?

In 2022, it has never been more important to get students to apply for your university. With higher education locations being forced to close their doors due to Covid, there has been a dramatic decrease in students looking to further their education in today’s collegiate world. While colleges may see a natural drop in applications due to the nature of the world right now, there are several things that marketing teams can do to encourage more applications. Recruitment software is one of the most popular means of getting students through the door, and it never ceases to keep growing and expanding. In this video, we will take a look at online admission software for higher education and how it simplifies the application process for prospective students.

This video highlights the features of Creatix, one of the newest recruitment software available. This platform allows for automated check-ins for prospective students, while keeping a detailed log of application statuses.

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Additionally, it helps find the right students for you by performing market segmentation. With this software, prospective students can ping directly with professors and engage with staff members before applying.