Understanding Different Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling towers are used in HVACs and industrial facilities to remove heat from buildings. This video demonstrates the inner parts of a cooling tower and its functions.
A cooling tower works by bringing air and water into contact with each other. As a result, some hot water evaporates, and cool water is left to be recirculated in the building. There are four main parts to a cooling tower – the fan motor, water pumps, water supply basin, and the draft towers, which can all be replaced with spare cooling tower parts.
When hot water comes in, it is pumped to the top of the tower through pipes.

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It is then distributed over a wide area via separate pipes before being allowed to fall through plastic or wooden slats. These further spread out the water to allow it to come into contact with the air, which cools it even further.
Finally, the cooler water collects in the supply basin below the slats before being pumped back into the building. Understanding how a cooling tower functions is easy as it is a simple solution to the cooling problem.