Understanding the Altera Board DE2-115

This article will explain the Altera DE2-115 board and its operation as illustrated in the video, “Altera DE2-115 FPGA – Unpacking and Demonstration.” The DE2-115 is a part of the FPGA, which stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. An FPGA device can be programmed to carry out specific tasks to control any computer system. These tasks could range from designing an embedded application or controlling autonomous robots using computers.

The Altera DE2-115 board is an expansion board individuals can plug into a computer system. It can display multiple and simultaneous video streams, which would be impossible for the built-in graphics card to handle, so it is beneficial for systems with many video sources.

Video Source

A slot on the board fits a flash memory card, which stores files and data.

In addition, individuals use the altera board to carry out hardware and software applications by allowing the user to program the board using a computer programming language. This is an excellent example of how FPGAs can considerably change how we interact with computers.

To sum up, individuals use the Altera board for programming the computer system to carry out a specific task. Individuals can also use it to design applications controlling the computer system and video display.