Three Reasons Why Your Small Pharmacy Deserves a Mobile POS System

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Mobile POS systems are definitely becoming more popular regardless of industry, but for pharmacies, the growth of mobile retail pharmacy POS systems might actually be a real game-changer, and something that allows even very small pharmacies to compete with bigger chain stores. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading or replacing the POS system in your small store, here are a few reasons why mobile POS might be the best choice:

  1. Mobility is obviously the biggest advantage when it comes to mobile POS systems, and this matters even more for pharmacies. You’re likely to have patients with mobility limitations, so the fact that you can make transactions from anywhere in the store — even out in the parking lot — is a huge advantage. Forget about paying to have a drive-through window installed!

  2. Security is always an issue with POS software, and after so many security breaches that have occurred in major chain corporations, consumers and business owners alike are even more wary about the safety of personal information than ever before. Luckily, mobile POS systems aren’t just equipped with the same firewall and protection programs that traditional POS equipment has; the mobile devices in these systems even come with features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing (and recording). Whether you’re making a transaction for prescription medication or you’re simply selling a pack of gum, you can be sure that your store’s information and your customer’s information is kept safe.

  3. And finally, because mobile POS systems don’t require the same bulky equipment that traditional POS systems use, you may actually find that your store has more space than you thought! For small businesses, even a little bit of extra space — like the counter space that’s taken up by a big cash register — can go a long way.