Website Design and Maintenance What You Need to Know

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Website design and maintenance has taken a new roll in the world of business over the years. Twenty years ago, there were only 23,000 websites in the entire world. A small book-shipping company called Amazon just came out with its website. There were roughly 1,900 users for every website that year. Compare that to last year’s user-to-site ratio: 3. Needless to say, web designing has never been more important in the history of business — or, for that matter, in history.

Today, almost all companies of all shapes and sizes have some kind of online presence. From a simple homepage to an Instagram account to search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, website designing and marketing is very much a must for today’s digital age. Having an interactive, colorful, and easy-to-use homepage can truly make the difference between an okay business and a thriving business.

Take one facet of website design: blogs. Businesses that maintain at least one blog have on average 434% more of their webpages indexed than those that do not. Business owners themselves are more than happy to run one. Four out of five businesses view their blog or blogs to be a vital part of their website.

Outside of blogs, there are many other facets about website design and maintenance to consider. Over the past few years, one such consideration, SEO, has truly flourished. SEO designs web content in order to attract search engines such as Google and Bing when they scour the Internet for relevant content. The point of SEO is to boost a website’s position on the search results page. The higher the position, the more attention the content will receive. SEO has become so prominent, in fact, that it has outpaced paid advertisements in popularity. Studies indicate that up to 70-80% of Internet users ignore paid advertisements on search engines. Internet marketing services has certainly taken advantage of this trend.

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