The Case For Professional IT Management

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When it comes to business, sometimes it is best not to tackle it all. Network security management and information technology (IT) services, for example, can be vastly complicated — and doing these things the wrong way can leave business data and systems dangerously vulnerable. Why should small and large businesses alike consider business IT consulting and professional network security systems?

It’s Not Something Just Anyone Can Pick Up

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes — and particularly when it comes to IT. Some IT compliance regulations and guidelines almost read like a foreign language. Directives such as SOX, NIST HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, and SP 800-53 Rev 4 just aren’t going to be clear to the average person. Mastering the specifics can take weeks, months, or even years, and the consequences of not getting it right are pretty severe. A single HIPAA compliance breach, for instance, may result in fines up to $50,000. Even if government agencies don’t dock companies with hefty fines, non-compliance leaves companies vulnerable to cyber attacks — something that was already a problem for 87% of small businesses in 2012.

Your Customers Will Thank You

Company reputation is important. If you are 100% reliable and trustworthy when it comes to compliance, IT, and network security, your clients and customers will thank you for it. This reliability will do wonders for your reputation, even if people don’t directly come out and say it.

It’s Not All Crunching Numbers

While financials are a concern for any professional entity, it is wise to tread carefully in the world of business IT consulting. In other words, sometimes you get way you pay for — and no one wants to be unpleasantly surprised when problems come up. List all of your security and IT must-haves. Then list features you would like to have and prioritize them using a simple number scale. Have this in front of you when purchasing services, so you will remember what is and isn’t important.

IT is no joke — and taking it into your own hands can get very messy, especially if you are no entirely sure what you’re doing. For reliable and trustworthy managed services, reach out to quality IT companies or IT consultants.