The Benefits of Using Internet Marketing

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With the rise of social media, internet marketing online has become a huge component of marketing and advertising. The Internet has brought a much larger and more diverse audience to businesses or individual sellers who are looking to sell their products. However, the Internet also means more competition for the businesses and sellers out there. How does one stand apart from the crowd? One of the top answers on how to do good internet marketing online is in choosing good website designs and keeping outreach up with your customer base.
Why Go Online in the First Place?
The Internet is becoming an ever-increasing presence in people’s day-to-day lives. Smartphones and tablets have made this even more prevalent. A study by the Pew Research Center states that 60% of people who use tablets would rather read the news on their mobile devices than using an app. Additionally, search engines have made information easily accessible to people and about 93% of online interactions come from an online search. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, has also become increasingly important; sharing information can be done with a single click and reach thousands of people. Most importantly, it’s simple–Internet users tend to prefer simplicity and ease-of-sharing over more complex aesthetics. The popularity of social media can be proven by a study that showed in two years, the amount of marketers who identified Facebook as “critical’ or “important” in regards to their business or marketing model jumped 83%.
What Can I Do To Have A Strong Web Presence?
Any Internet marketing expert will tell you that your website should be easy to navigate and clutter-free. In other words, asking customers to sign up for a subscription before gaining access to the website and having multiple pop-up ads will probably drive customers away. For example, 84% of 25-34 year olds have reported leaving a favorite website because of irritating advertising. Having more graphics over text is also a good idea, especially for your homepage. Make sure crucial links are easy to find right away and that links are easy to navigate. If you’re worried about finding an affordable website design, there are plenty of free templates that look elegant and contemporary available online.
Websites that have an active social media presence and one that is witty or engaging are likely to draw more followers. Witty Twitter feeds or Facebook groups that share interesting, relatable content tend to draw more customers. One internet marketing advertising tool that companies sometimes use is blogging. In fact, studies have proven that when used as a marketing tool, blogging can lead to 434% more indexed pages, giving the site more leads. Another option you can use is sending emails, which is one of the top internet activities and companies have found that sending emails has been an incredibly successful internet marketing tool.
Internet marketing online is swiftly becoming a necessary step in successfully marketing your business. Consider getting internet marketing consulting help if you feel lost! Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is updating your online profile as regularly as possible and maintaining contact with your customer base.