How to Successfully Increase Your Business’ Digital Brand

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The internet is a very complicated thing, and with millions of pages being added to the net every day it isn’t getting any less complicated anytime soon. Businesses are pressured to use the web because it is too powerful of a resource to ignore: entire companies grow on the net relying solely on a digital customer base for success. If done correctly, businesses can increase sales and customer loyalty through the net; if done incorrectly digital investments fail as your company’s websites get lost in the abyss of the net.

Why Building a Website Isn’t Enough
Using innovative web design strategies is an essential first step for any business looking to the digital frontier, but many fail to remember that it is just the first step. Companies have a tendency to spend thousands of dollars to hire web designers and yet typically have no marketing budget devoted to getting their pages discovered on the net. Good businesses invest in marketing to drive product sales; great businesses invest in marketing dollars to connect with new customers and improve their relationship with existing customers.

Increasing Your Digital Brand

Social media is an invaluable resource for marketers for numerous reasons: many sites are free services; many online users are already on these sites; and consumers can directly engage with your company and vice-versa. The list goes on, but statistics show that 65% of adult internet users use at least one social networking site; this is an estimated 43% of online shoppers who use social media. Marketing teams that use social media enjoy increased customer feedback, however these teams must remain dedicated to regularly updating the site or risk losing customer engagement.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization uses the natural function of a search engine as a resource to direct internet traffic towards your webpages. Since there are 4.9 billion internet searches conducted every month, changing the flow of digital traffic through effective search engine optimization strategies can lead to increased views from already-interested consumers picked up through the organic search feature of search engines. Over half of business-to-business marketing teams agree that SEO makes the single largest impact on their lead generation goals — this translates to an increase in sales potential. Partnering with SEO marketing consultants could be the most effective way to increase your business’ digital brand.