Looking To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment System?

Fiber optic cables

When’s the last time you upgraded your entertainment center or Internet service? It can be frustrating dealing with a small television with little flexibility or a media service that doesn’t even offer wireless connections — what affordable options are out there for the do-it-yourself types or techies? Learning your basic terminology early on is essential for accurate purchases and reduced frustration. Look below on some simple tips to help you get started, from buying a network Ethernet cable to everyday home installation!

Phones, Tablets And Chargers

Everyone needs an iPad or a modern phone for work and play! While smartphones have a lifespan of about two years, some models can last a little longer if you take routine care of them (don’t put off buying that protective phone case). Charger cables should be kept in good condition, as frayed or damaged wires can pose a fire hazard or electrical failure. Cleaning your smart phone is also a necessity, as your phone has more germs than the average toilet seat or dog’s mouth! Keep some antiseptic wipes on hand and give them a scrub once in a while.

Internet And Cables

Practicing safe habits is all well and good — how about installing Internet and TV service? The most common HDMI cables include HDMI standard, HDMI with Ethernet and HDMI automotive (with varying Internet speeds, to boot). The Cat5e cables are the standards used for networks and multi-line phone systems, while the Cat5 and Cat6a are sometimes used for higher frequencies. While it’s a popular myth that HDMI cables cost an upwards of $50, there are plenty of affordable options that are just as effective if you do a little digging.

Installing Your Home System

Your entertainment system should be modern and flexible enough to handle anything you throw at it. While the length of your cable doesn’t factor into audio or visual quality, it can offer you a degree of flexibility if you need to install multiple appliances around the room. Double-checking your day-to-day habits will go a long way in making sure you don’t waste your money (the difference between someone using the Internet strictly for e-mail versus programming or design). Next time you’re out shopping, take the knowledge you’ve learned today and buy the network Ethernet cable or bulk fiber optic cables you need to properly transform your living room!

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