Want to Know the Best Way to Compete With Big Name Pharmacies? Read This

Pharmacy point of sale

The world is changing. It used to be that you and your pharmacy were the only game in town, (and the town, for that matter, was a lot smaller). Now there’s a CVS or a Rite Aid on every corner, the streets are impossibly clogged, and suddenly you have to compete with robot-operated pharmacists with big names attached.
All is not lost. There is still a place in our modern world for the independent pharmacy. In fact, we are optimistic about your long-standing drug store. You just need to marry the old with the new, and get yourself a POS system.
“What is a POS system?” A POS system, (short for point of sale system), is basically the 21st century’s update of the cash register. It’s a computer, statistician, public relations firm, and cash register all in one, and the best pharmacy POS systems can help you improve a host of things about your business, including:
1. Maintaining customer loyalty. POS systems can help you keep track of promotions, regular shoppers, and any loyalty card deals you might offer. Automating your loyalty program will cut down on customer attrition mainly because it will keep you organized and ensure that nobody falls through the cracks. It will also incentivise you to keep thinking creatively and offering deals, since POS systems make it so easy to do so.
2. Keep costs low. Much like the popular travel booking sites like Trivago and Kayak, POS systems can let you compare prices between vendors so that you’re always getting the best deal on inventory. POS systems are also an efficient solution to inventory reordering, and will also keep the data necessary to analyse sales trends on file.
3. Maintaining the privacy and security of your customers. Good POS systems for pharmacies come with a tablet-like feature that requires patients to sign for their medicine electronically. They can also keep sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, names, and addresses in encrypted files and flag a transaction that doesn’t seem right or consistent. In this day and age, where hacking is almost as common a crime as old-fashioned robbery, your customers will appreciate reassurance that you are doing everything you can to protect their security.
There is nothing wrong with being a small fish in a corporate pond. You started your pharmacy because you wanted to help people and live the American Dream. With a good POS system, you can be every bit as competitive as the bigger names. And you have something they don’t have: the personal touch.