Choosing The Right Hose Clamp

In this video, you will learn about large hose clamps. When you are in need of a hose clamp, there are a few options to consider.

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When you are specifically using a hose clamp for your vehicle, it is important to know how much heat the clamp can take. Some hose clamps are better suited for higher temperatures. A car is going to go from freezing cold to scalding hot in a matter of minutes, so the hose clamp needs to be able to withstand that type of temperate fluctuation. Certain vehicle tyes also have different types of cooling systems. For example, a Volkswagon has a lot of water cooling. There are hose clamps called t-clamps, which have more reinforcement. This video reviewed a brand called Norma, which makes hose clamps. Some of their clamps are specifically designed for vehicles. If you know how the cooling and heating system works in your vehicle, it will be easier to pick a hose clamp. There are many options when choosing a hose clamp. Picking the right one will ensure that you don’t have issues in the future. Keep watching this video for more information.