Why Windows-Based Server Rack Enclosures Might Be the Best for Your Business

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When setting up an onsite server room to take full control of their IT needs, too many businesses make the mistakes of only focusing on hardware. Sure, server rack sizes, power output, air conditioning, and security features are all exceptionally important, but if it’s just server rack sizes and the like you concern yourself with, you’re going to skip over one of the most important things you need to consider: the operating system.

As with personal computer setups, server systems can be equipped with iOS, Linux, or Windows. Each of these operating systems has its own advantages, but as Windows reports, a full 98% of Fortune 100 companies use Windows Server. Why? Read on to find just a few of the advantages of using Windows versus another OS.

Why Rack Enclosures Powered by Windows Are Such Good Options

  • Built-in Duplication Management Software
  • As the UK-based ITPro writes, one of the biggest concerns in any setup, regardless of server rack sizes and available storage, is data management. Data duplication is a common problem, with many struggling to manage duplication to cut back on space and, subsequently, IT spending. Windows Server comes with built-in duplication management technology, meaning you can automatically cut back on this wasted space.

  • Widespread Usage Means a Ton of Extra Support
  • As Windows details, one of the biggest benefits of using Windows Server options as your OS is widespread adoption and support. Because Windows Server is recognized as the most popular server operating system, a huge list of third-party developers have developed all sorts of goodies that take advantage of the Windows architecture. This is extremely beneficial, especially when you’re working to have a custom application built. Developers are more likely to understand how to build for Windows machines than iOS or Linux.

  • Application Compatibility
  • In-line with widespread usage is the benefit of increased application compatibility. From security software to word processors, Windows sports the most robust application compatibility list on the market. In other words, regardless of your needs, there is likely an application that Windows can handle that will help improve your business through a fuller IT solution.

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