What’s Big in IT

Maintain repositories

As IT employees know well, the job is about more than just writing code. Many companies rely heavily on their IT teams to keep their business running. According to a recent study by Atlassian, the top performing IT teams are sure to put business first, master the technology, invest in speed, make customers a priority, and be proactive. More than three-quarters of IT teams are using service automation and most high performing IT teams have a written and published plan for digital transformation. They also have high quality git repository management. As a result, 46% of these organizations see greater ROI(return on investment) on technology.

In addition to git repository management tools, a lot of IT teams are using Agile project management tools which reportedly have 93% fewer defects than others. Recent studies show that the majority of respondents found Agile projects take less time to complete and almost half found ?cost savings? an important reason to adopt Agile methods.

While IT can be a great resource, it can also bring about certain challenges within a business. A recent survey from the HDI 2016 Conference and Expo asked respondents about their experiences with IT, and posed the question, “What are your top challenges with using your service desk?” These were the responses:

?Lack of reporting? 22%
?Difficult to modify to keep up with business needs? 16%
?Hard to use for employees? 15%
?Hard to use within our IT team? 12%
?Limited or difficult to customize? 10%
?Not easy to collaborate with developers and engineers? 10%
?Expensive? 9%
?Lack of support for asset management? 4%
?Lack of support for change management process? 3%

Based on these results, it’s clear that communication with your IT team is key and it’s also very important to have an understanding of how the technology works and have access to good support within your team.

As businesses today become more dependent on technology, it is important that employees have good relationships with their IT teams and know how to use the technology their working with. High-performing businesses are reported as being twice as likely to tie IT projects to revenue so it’s important to embrace technology in order to remain an asset in your company.