The FAQs of Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless broadband service provider

In the digital age, there are all sorts of internet solutions at your disposal. But trying to choose between WiFi, satellite, and fixed wireless broadband can be a bit confusing. If you don’t know much about the advantages of fixed wireless networks, our list of FW-FAQs (fixed wireless frequently asked questions) may help you decide whether fixed wireless broadband is the right choice for your family or business.

What is fixed wireless?

Fixed wireless broadband is a high-speed internet option that involves a small satellite dish that transmits and receives radio waves to and from terrestrial (on-land) stations. Unlike WiFi hot spots, fixed wireless is best for permanent locations like homes and office buildings. However, satellite dishes can be moved if needed.

Is fixed wireless reliable?

Satellite internet is usually extremely fickle. It can be affected by anything from thunderstorms to fog, and the general lag time is usually high even in the best of circumstances. Even mobile wireless can lose signal at any time. In contrast, fixed wireless isn’t impacted by weather or by high latency. Because the radio waves transmit to locations that are usually less than 10 miles away, you won’t have to worry about downtime or sudden signal loss. It’s one of the most reliable internet choices on the market.

Can fixed wireless be used for multiple devices at once?

Fixed wireless internet is ideal for commercial applications. These networks do not place limit on how many devices can connect to the service, which means that virtually any size office can benefit from the same reliable internet. Your fixed wireless internet provider can ensure that your network is sized properly and can accommodate all of the devices you could possibly require.

What are the drawbacks of fixed wireless?

One thing to note is that fixed wireless does require line-of-sight or near line-of-sight between customers and their provider’s access points. That means that you may not be able to obtain fixed wireless service in certain locations, depending on their provider. Providers are constantly increasing their networks though, so it’s likely that if you can’t currently get fixed wireless, you should be able to in the future. Potential customers should also know that they can’t roam with fixed wireless.

While fixed wireless may not be the best option for every situation, it can be extremely helpful if you’re located in a rural area or want a better alternative to your current internet plan. If you want to find out more about whether fixed wireless is an option for your family or your business, contact your internet provider. They’ll be able to give you additional information about their specific services, prices, and more.