What Is the ‘Internet Of Things’ And How Is It Changing Countless Industries As We Know It?

Recruiting services

Countless industries are transforming before our very eyes. Changes in demand, technological innovations and safety measures are just a few of the factors that contribute to the development small and large businesses alike are engaging in to stay relevant. IOT, short for ‘Internet Of Things’, is one such technological innovation that is starting to gain traction as of late. Supply chain recruiting, cybersecurity and energy management are all areas that stand to benefit from increased security measures and connection, though are by no means the only ones. How is this information relevant to your industry and what can you stand to learn? Take a look below to find out.

Pharmaceutical Industries

The pharmaceutical industry has seen an increased need for supply chain recruiting and more innovative technological measures to continue to provide life-saving medication for millions of people. The year 2014 saw over 290,000 pharmacists working across the United States, with an additional 368,000 pharmacy technicians. The world drug packaging industry brings in a regular $66 billion every year and this figure is unlikely to dip anytime soon.

Packaging Industries

Overlapping with the above, packaging industries have only continued to change for the better in light of environmental awareness. The largest market for flexible packaging, even now, is food for both retail and institutional industries. These account for nearly 60% of all shipments, making flexible packaging the second largest packaging segment in the United States alone. These industries employ an estimated 80,000 people and this number is expected to fluctuate as superior packaging solutions make themselves known.

Energy Industries

Businesses regularly rely on strong lighting, air conditioning services and filtration to run smoothly. One such advent more companies are starting to adopt in a bid to save money is that of automatic controls. Building controls have the technical potential to noticeably reduce American commercial building HVAC and lighting consumption by 6% every year, allowing more of that money to be put in other areas such as packaging, supply chain recruiting or marketing.

Executive Recruiting

Since so many industries are in notable flux, seeking out and hiring the right people for the job is a cost-saving measure for everyone up and down the line. The year 2013 saw the sales of both search and placement services reaching $13 billion, with studies conducted that same year seeing companies reporting 6% of their external hires being sourced by search firms. Consider this from just the year prior, a double percentage as well as the highest number in more than a decade.

IOT And The Future

No matter the industry or budget, staying connected to the world at large is a must-have in a reality dictated by technology, growth and innovation. The Internet Of Things is a concept that analyzes the connecting of any device with an on and off switch connecting to the Internet. An analysis conducted by the Gartner firm says that, by 2020, there will be over 26 billion connected devices across the country. Although this term has been around for over 15 years, it only started gaining widespread use in the last few years. Your business will only stand to benefit by increasing cybersecurity measures as IOT resources become more widespread.