Three Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing On With An IT Support Company

It consultant

There are a number of reasons why you might need IT consulting services at some point. You could be dealing with a broken computer, or a virus. For that matter, you might want to discuss how to better market online — something that some computer services can advise their clients about. The fact is that the more companies invest in the Internet, the more they will need IT support — preferably on hand at all times. With that being said, it’s crucial that small businesses and large ones alike make sure that they’re working with a computer services company that is able to address their needs. Below, we’ll look into a few things that you should address before signing on with any IT consulting firm.

1. Security

Security is a major issue with companies that handle business online — which is now virtually any company. However, it’s important to note that security is a problem when you’re offline as well. Most companies, with good reason, now keep “soft copies” as well as “hard copies” of their documents and information. If a computer’s security is breached, then all of the information housed on that computer is at risk. It’s estimated that 80% of all security breaches are due to something as simple as weak passwords — and while a weak password might not be difficult to fix if it applies to one computer or one account, it’s a bit more of a complicated issue when you’re talking about dozens or even hundreds of different accounts or computers. More serious threats, like hackers, can also be problematic. Surprisingly — or unsurprisingly — it’s estimated that 75% to 80% of all malicious attacks come from within an organization, meaning that it’s necessary to use ethical hacking services such as security auditing and penetration testing to evaluate your IT infrastructure. This is best done — in a way that keeps everyone safe — with the help of professional computer services providers.

2. Virus Problems

It’s fairly easy to catch a computer virus. Many of them occur simply through an unknowing person opening the wrong email — of the 60 billion emails that are sent each day, 97% are spam, and some of those end up carrying viruses. Viruses can destroy data, and leave a system completely crippled. Not only can experienced computer services providers help you establish a system that prevents virus infections in the first place — they can help restore systems after they’ve already been infected.

3. Computer Efficiency

Lots of employers think that there is something wrong with their computers, and therefore get rid of them when they seem to be running slowly. However, the only thing wrong might be an excess of space being taken up by old files. This means that plenty of good computers are being destroyed and replaced, simply because of a misunderstanding. Computer repair specialists can help teach employers and employees alike how to “clean out” computers, restoring them to their proper efficiency levels.