Three Types of USB Cables For Your Computer Needs

Technology is prevalent in societies around the world. From the United States, to the United Kingdom, to Australia, it seems as if everyone is consumed with technology. This technology obsession aids in the purchase of cellular devices with 395 iPhones being sold every minute. In fact, 8.1% of smartphone sales in the United States were because of the Apple iPhone 7. Additionally, three years ago, 64% of Americans owned iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, Apple watches, and various iPod products. One form of technology people use for work, checking social media, and chatting with friends and family are computers. Some people are laptop owners. Others are desktop owners. It doesn’t matter what type of computer you own, one thing is for certain, computers are essential for work and businesses. With that comes the importance of an internet connection. There are three ethernet cable types you can use to ensure you have internet connection wherever you are!

Cat5 Cables

Cat5 cables are ethernet cables that provide computer users with a reliable internet connection. There are various advantages to purchasing cat5 cables for your computer. This is why cat5 cables may be the right fit for you. First, cat5 cables are a common choice for many computer users. Many people purchase cat5 cables after discovering their cost. Cat5 cables are one of the cheapest options compared to other ethernet cables out there. Additionally, these cables are used for cross over jobs because of its affordability. Affordability is the first advantage of this ethernet cable.

Another advantage of cat5 cables is its transfer speed. Cat5 cables have high-transfer speeds. It can achieve high-transfer speeds that are more efficient than a personal network and older cables. It can transfer about four signals at once, as well. Cat5 cables are versatile. You can use two forms of this cable. The first form is the solid conductor. This conductor is used to connect wall sockets and a central panel. This is the cheapest form of a cat5 cable. The second form is a stranded conductor. A stranded conductor connects a computer to a wall socket. Unlike the stiff form of a solid conductor, a stranded conductor is flexible. With two forms of wiring, cat5 cables are ideal for many different situations. Lastly, cat5 cables are available as a 75 ft ethernet cable. A 75 ft ethernet cable ensures that you’ll have an insignificant amount of delay. You can have a greater speed and greater reliability with a 75 ft ethernet cable.

Cat5e Cables

Cat5e Cables are similar to Cat5 cables; the difference is cat5e cables are more enhanced, or more powerful (hence the “e”). They have a greater speed than many other cables. Additionally, they are still cost efficient like cat5 cables. Cat5e cables contain four different pairs of wires, and these pairs of wires are twisted together. Since they are twisted together, they eliminate noise interruptions and cross talk. Cat5e cables are ideal for businesses or an office environment. These cables will make sure your company runs smoothly (in terms of internet connection and work that needs to be completed). Additionally, with Cat5e cables you can enjoy higher bandwidths since it carries huge amounts of data signals at the same time. Similar to cat5 cables, you can purchase these cables as a 75 ft ethernet cable.

Cat6 Cables

Cat6 cables are the last type of ethernet cable for your computer that you should consider purchasing. Cat6 cables have a much faster speed than cat5 and cat5e cables. In fact, this cable can handle a speed up to 250 MHZ. It can also deliver gigabit speeds. Cat6 cables have a similar structure to cat5e cables. Instead of four wires twisted together, cat6 cables have eight wires twisted together. These eight wires form four pairs. One of these pairs of wires does not contact with the other wires. This means that it can produce double the bandwidth of the Cat 5 and Cat 5e. Cat6 cables can be plugged into any port or connection that supports both cat5 cables and cat5e cables. This type of cable is ideal for small business that are just launching.