Content Creation Is One Of Today’s Best Marketing Tools Is Your Business Putting Its Best Foot Forward?

One small business is regularly meeting its financial goals and is even thinking of expanding. Another small business is barely making ends meet and doesn’t know what the next year holds. What separates them?

Digital marketing services. Today’s an age of endless information and advertising, often to the point of seeming overwhelming, and to connect with customers you need to respect the playing field. It’s not enough to just travel on word-of-mouth or newspaper advertisements anymore. You need an ongoing presence designed to cast a smart net and get you the customers you need to stay afloat. Which tools should you not be without in 2019 and beyond?

From SEO to digital analytics, the list below will simplify this seemingly abstract process.

The Power Of Today’s Search Engine

Just how powerful is a search engine when it comes to marketing your business? It might just be the key ingredient, actually. Businesses that have a strong keyword in their business name rank nearly two spots higher than if there is no keyword is. Today Google owns nearly 70% of the search engine market share, with search and e-mail the two most common Internet activities. A business that isn’t regularly dipping into SEO is a business that will have to work twice as hard to climb the proverbial mountain.

Using Local SEO To Gain Local Customers

SEO is one of today’s most clever and effective digital marketing services. Short for ‘search engine optimization’, SEO can make sure your business isn’t drowning in the millions of searches conducted every day. Google alone receives over 55,000 searches per second on any given day. Local SEO can be combined with mobile optimization to ensure nearby customers aren’t led astray when searching up a convenient product or service. What else can you do to create a strong first impression?

Creating More Attractive Landing Pages

Look no further than your landing pages. These are simply the page that is encountered by a customer when they click on an advertisement (often related to SEO), telling them what they need to know in a few seconds or less. A landing page should be attractive and concise, directing them to a business and keeping their attention where it needs to be. Anything less and you’re turning away valuable repeat customers that can save you money. Despite this, long content does have a time and place.

Long Form Content Is A Great Marketing Tool

Do you worry about keeping customers around in the long-term? It’s time to lay those fears to rest. Long form content is a good way to entice people to look more deeply at the products and services you offer. According to the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Andrey Lipattsev, high quality content are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. These include long form articles, essays, how-to lists, videos, and graphic design. The sky’s the limit for the digital marketing services that can put you on the map!

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Services For Your Brand

Your marketing strategy can’t afford to be dull. Times move fast and customers are always on the look for the next great convenience. Online marketing companies are experts at figuring out the holes in your business and helping you fill them up with strategies that work. Email marketing is one area you can get started on, with local SEO and mobile optimization following behind. After you’ve cemented the basics you can then turn to microcontent and long form content to curry those repeat visitors.

Digital marketing services are more plentiful than they’ve ever been. Give your business its best possible chance at success this year and get a proper strategy in place!