Three Things People Don’t Always Realize About SEO

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Good SEO companies aren’t always easy to find. What are you supposed to look for when you want decent services for your money? That’s often the question businesses have when they’re looking for ways to expand their online visibility.

The reality is, there’s no one right answer for how to hire an SEO company. The right match for you will depend on what your business needs, and what you’re looking for. Here are three things you should keep in mind for finding the best SEO agency for your company.

1. SEO is More Than Just a Song and Dance

Many people with little experience in SEO assume it’s as simple as making a few posts and creating a few links. In reality, SEO is a long-term investment that will require industry knowledge in order to be successfully done. If you don’t set your expectations right for SEO, you’re not going to get the best match — you’re just going to get a company that’s good at telling you what you want to hear, instead of providing you with what you really need.

2. SEO Can’t Help You Help Yourself

Did you know that companies with blogs have 434% more indexed pages for search, on average? The more your website is outfitted to synchronize with SEO efforts, the better. If your site has barely any listed information and is poorly designed for the users who do get to it, even the top SEO agency will be limited in what they can do for you. Online marketing is a full-scale investment and cannot be done just in parts — at least not if you want to fully reap the benefits.

3. It’s About Quality of Clicks, Not Quantity

It’s easy to fall for the promise of tons of clicks. Isn’t that what everyone wants for their website? The truth, though, is more nuanced. Think about it. If you have a vegetarian store, would you want just anyone coming in — or would you want people coming who don’t eat meat, and are likely to spend more money? Good SEO companies don’t just get you traffic, period — they connect you with the right keywords and terms to the audiences that are going to be most receptive to your product or service.

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