Three Reasons Why Strong Web Design is Critical For Your Business

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Web designing is a booming industry in the United States and around the world. In just 20 years, the Internet has ballooned from 45 million users in 1995 to more than three billion users today. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo process an astounding 100 billion inquiries every month (it’s no wonder then that the search engine industry is a $16 billion business). Businesses of all shapes and sizes devote a good portion of the budget on web designers and web developers. Why? Because having a solid online presence gives any business a competitive edge.

To better show how beneficial quality website design is, here are a few reasons why businesses across the country are flocking to web site design companies (as provided by the good folks at The Lost Memos Blog):

    Brand Development: Web design is invaluable in expanding and developing one’s brand. If anything, web design is a visual language that can be appreciated by millions (if not billions) of people around the world. The more representative a website is of its brand, the stronger the brand will be.

    More Traffic, More Costumers: Quality website design and maintenance increases not only the number of clicks a website will get, it also increases the amount of time a user will spend on the website. Users typically have short attention spans; most people will move on to another site if they’re not interested quickly. The better the website, the more users it will have. A company with a blog, for example, has on average 434% for indexed pages than one that doesn’t. In addition, the more users a website has, the more customers it’s likely to attract. A web page says a lot about a company, so much so that a customer may make a decision based on the website alone.

    Stay Above the Competition: Because most businesses have a webpage or at least some kind of online presence, hiring a solid team of web developers and designers will give a company its best shot in showing how it’s different than the all the rest.

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