The #1 Reason Companies Choose Cloud Broker Services?

Cloud broker companies

Silicon Valley futurists are always searching for the new and the next, but anyone who tells you cloud computing and mobile cloud services are the future is dead wrong. That’s because the cloud isn’t some futuristic technology; cloud computing is the present.

By 2018, experts say the global market for cloud equipment will grow to at least $79.1 billion. Not only that, but public cloud spending is expected to reach $100 billion by 2016, according to the International Data Corporation. Many cloud transitions will be handled not by government employees or IT departments, but by cloud brokerage services. So what are cloud broker services?

When a company needs to make the switch to the cloud, many choose to outsource the process to cloud brokerage services, services that negotiate contracts with service providers and help integrate the technology into existing company processes.

Why do people outsource to Cloud Brokerage Services?

Unfortunately, some new technologies spread so quickly that it’s hard to find local expertise to advise you, which is why more companies are relying on cloud consultants and cloud brokerage services in 2015.

As with any type of broker, cloud broker companies can help secure more competitive pricing while also providing expert guidance on the integration process.

Why do some companies or government agencies opt to take the transition to cloud computing in house?

While cloud brokerage services can help an organization secure lower costs and better contracts, outsourcing any services always requires a cost benefit analysis. External outsourcing can be expensive, and it’s not always the right choice for every cloud transition.

How do I know if I should outsource cloud brokerage services or go in house?

The most important question you need to ask: do I have any employees with cloud computing expertise or experience? More and more large IT departments are developing cloud experience for just this purpose, but if your company lacks employees with specific cloud experience, then consider outsourcing to professionals. Studies show that 49% of companies are developing either security or training requirements for their cloud services.