The US Government is Down with Cloud Three Cloud Facts

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Did you know that, by 2015, the global cloud technology market is expected to hit $180 billion in worth? It’s not surprising that cloud has come to be one of the main tools for the IT sections of small businesses around the world. Cloud helps to cut down overhead costs, streamline data, and improve flexibility in demand. All this is important to have, especially in an age where the internet helps move products and services faster than ever before.

You may be fairly familiar with cloud solutions. However, there are likely many updates you have missed in the past several months. Here are three interesting facts about cloud hosting you may not have known.

1. The U.S. Government is Down with Cloud

Did you know that the government has a “cloud first” policy? This policy mandates that different government agencies do their best to incorporate cloud hosting services whenever possible. This is because the government wants to modernize and streamline their data so that it can still be used in the future, and interdepartamentally.

2. The EPA Has Gotten in Trouble Over Cloud

A report by an inspector general has found that the Environmental Protection Agency isn’t keeping track of the various cloud services it uses, and is often erroneously labeling certain services as “cloud” just based on their description. In order to be compliant with federal security requirements, the report said that the EPA would need to “strengthen its catalog of cloud vendors and processes to manage vendor relationships.” The auditor discovered several issues, including that the EPA used a non-compliant subcontractor.

3. Telemedicine

Telemedicine, or doctor care delivered via cloud services, is a growing field in the medical industry. By 2018, the industry is expected to be worth about $4.5 billion. While telemedicine may not be ideal for all patient-doctor exchanges, it can be a huge help in cases where parents are trying to figure out whether they should bring their feverish child to the ER, or for patients who need to see specialists, such as those with ALS, but who live far away from the nearest option. Cloud computing solutions are what enable most of these exchanges to exist.

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