The Role of Thermal Containment Systems in Data Centers

thermal containment systems

Data centers often struggle with energy control and maintenance in data containment systems. Since the majority of information technology systems release heat during operations, it makes sense that energy efficiency and control are big concerns. Too much heat can end up damaging these systems and even their data cabinets. Cooling data center containment adds to the energy requirements of the data center, which is not sustainable.

To solve the issue of excessive heat and cooling requirements in the data racks, the use of thermal containment systems is becoming prevalent. Cold aisle containment systems are playing a critical role in keeping servers at the correct temperatures while reducing energy use at the same time. This article explains why data centers should use thermal containment systems to control heat and minimize cooling needs.

1. High Energy Efficiency

Energy is of the utmost importance in any data containment system. Most of the data centers are struggling with high energy bills due to the high demand for data center cooling. However, thermal containment systems are essential when it comes to reducing the amount of energy used in the cooling process. High energy efficiency is important in reducing the operational expenses for the entire system. Studies show that the use of thermal containment systems reduces energy requirements by more than 40%, which is a huge benefit to the operations of the company in question.

2. Immediate Response

In an information technology center, it is expected that the data systems are able to run all the time. It is the primary business of the company to run the data center so that it can offer services to its customers. But in any operating system, weaknesses are likely to develop where the cooling system fails. In the absence of battery backups and generators for cooling purposes, there is a high chance that disaster will be recorded within the system. However, in thermal containment systems, operations are predictable, which gives operational managers a chance to prepare, in case of disasters.

3. Easier Implementation

There are hundreds of cooling and thermal control systems that can be used in temperate conditions. The problem arises when it comes to implementing aisle containment in a data management and service system that has been in operation for several years. Thermal containment systems have been made with the ability to adapt to any data containment system. They can transform an old data center into a virtually new facility. This explains why cold aisle containment options have been very popular with customers all across the industry.

4. Affordable Setup

As highlighted above, the implementation of data cooling systems may be a concern — especially when it comes to associated costs. The amount of money used in the installation process is an issue of concern in any data control, especially in data provider companies. Most of the data operational centers are in business and will lose money in setting up a cooling facility. Nevertheless, thermal containment systems have proved to be very reliable and cost-friendly during implementation. This can allow a given company to prioritize their bottom line while saving on setup and operation costs.

5. Increased Equipment Lifespan

The benefits of hot aisle containment cannot only be detected in the energy efficiency aspects. Commonly, most of the data centers that use thermal containment systems stay in operation for many years. The cooling and moderate heating aspects are essential in preventing total damage to the equipment. The reduced wear and tear in the system can prove very useful in preventing any form of damages. It is common for many information technology systems to operate only for a short period after which they are replaced. However, with the use of high-quality cold aisle containment solutions, there is a high chance that they will serve for several years.

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