The Increasing Importance Of iPad Security For Employees

Iphone security

It has become increasingly important to have iPad security. The means to keeping your data safe range from just being careful to implementing fully featured software systems in the case of businesses allowing iPads on their network. Having the iPad in the enterprise has become commonplace and has proven to increase the productivity of employees and the sales force. It is just one of the many mobile devices that connect to the Internet and is desirable to link to corporate networks from anywhere. The need for a management system has become so strong that apps for iPhone device management have cropped up. These accommodate business operations and people who feel the need for it on a personalized level. In today’s market, about half of the mobile phone users now buy a smartphone in the United States. This means communications, data, and Internet use are factored into a daily mix of activities that might put ipad security in question.

In the office, the need for iPad security is important because any mobile unit is easier to steal. The data on there could be seen by parties that should not. This alarms many companies. Yet, experts say that by 2015, more than half of the smartphones used for business will be owned by the employees, reinforcing the need for a centralized management system. Companies are finding iPhone enterprise management software to be useful in setting policies for each user. The ability to track where each device is and allow certain users to access specific information gives the company a chance to control the network despite the diversity of technologies. Since 2010, over 34 million iPads have been sold in the U.S. A significant portion of these have made it into the workplace, so iPad security is a top priority for many firms.

The importance of this is seen in the statistics. Employees say they would rather have their own device than a company owned one. Whether this is because they just want their own thing or are afraid of something happening to a company smartphone, for example, is not known. Implementing some form of iphone management helps to address the issue. The fact is that 66 percent say they would prefer the IT department allow them to choose their own type of device. Whether you use an Apple mobile device or any other to connect to the corporate network, security is the number one concern with Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, adoption, including iPad security. Cost and staff expertise are the second and third biggest concerns with BYOD adoption.
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