Social Media — The Secret Weapon of Great B2B Lead Generation Experts

B2b lead generation

B2B lead generation marketing is notorious for being a little behind the times in terms of online marketing strategies; even though B2C marketers widely agree that online marketing trends are useful when dealing with average consumers, the situation is a little different when it comes to B2B buyers. The businesses on the buying end of a B2B transaction typically aren’t too concerned with trending issues, nor are they interested in hearing a spiel from a supplier about why they need to purchase a product or service. Instead, these buyers already know what they want, and their loyalty to a certain supplier depends primarily on price and quality investment.

But with all that being said, social media is still becoming more popular among B2B online marketing companies and B2B lead generation experts — even though the results of social media marketing are difficult to measure for a B2B client, and even though the leads produced aren’t always the highest quality.

Here’s the thing: social media marketing will probably never become the cornerstone of B2B marketing. Ever. B2B lead generation marketing depends on presenting factual information about a good product/service, and it’s about staying connected with your buyers and adjusting your product/service to fit their needs. When it comes down to it, the most successful way to find high-quality leads for a B2B campaign is to talk with potential customers, listen to their concerns, and provide concrete facts about your product.

However, social media can definitely help you with this. By creating and maintaining a blog, you can stay connected with current customers and you can show potential customers that you’re truly invested in the industry. Engaging customers through Twitter is another good way to maintain contacts, and it’s an easy way to promote lengthier content on your website. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you very much in terms of time and money.

As long as you use social media as a way of engaging with your audience, there’s no reason why it can’t be a great asset for B2B lead generation campaigns.