Simple Electrical Installations Explained Diagram Of An Energy Meter

Due to the rapid advancements in technology, electric power has become more than just a basic necessity. Now more than ever, people can’t live without electrical installations in their homes. Otherwise, how can they use their computer, charge their phones, plug their refrigerator to keep their food fresh, and heat or cool the house during winter or summer?

Daily use of electricity in residential homes involves a variety of purposes. And like your home appliances, you will also find it hard to function in the modern world when you don’t have electrical power in your house.

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Just imagine how life can be if you can’t use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer. You won’t be productive in your work, and you won’t be able to reach your friends via social media. Ever since its discovery, electricity has definitely changed people’s lives.

These eye-opening facts probably piqued your interest in electricity, right? But have you ever thought about discovering the science behind electricity? Have you ever wondered how electricity powers up your computer and how the power load gets distributed?

In this instructional video by The Engineering Mindset, you’ll learn how simple electrical installations work. Using a wiring diagram of an energy meter, the video touches on basic electrical engineering and focuses on single-phase electricity. Find out how electricity travels from power stations and transmission lines to your home.