SEO Marketing The Only Way to Digitally Market

Digital media

The crazy, dog-eat-dog world of digital marketing is always looking for the best marketing and advertising tips around. Digital media marketing has gone through immense changes over the years. The times of one inch advertisements in the local newspaper are over — at least for large businesses. Print and television marketing are still very important of course, but in today’s digitally-dominated world, in which search engines receive an unprecedented 100 billion inquiries every month, digital advertising is the latest, and most pervasive, method of advertising. It is for this reason why search engine optimization is the best thing you can do for your business, large or small.

What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing campaign in which content is created to specifically cater to search engine inquiries. In other words, the content includes certain keywords and structures designed to attract search engine “crawlers,” or programs the search the Internet for relevant content, as well as indexing programs. By doing so, the content can raise its position in the relevant search engine results page, which in turn increases the notoriety of the SEO client and its brand.

Why use search engines so heavily? Simply put: they are what’s in right now. Seasoned digital advertising agencies will tell you that the amount of traffic and attention search engines receive is phenomenal. Using search engines is the best and most convenient way of reaching the most amount of people. It is estimated that 93% of all Internet sessions begin with a visit to a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. It is also thought that roughly 40% of all online customers come from search engine inquiries. Needless to say, SEO campaigns and other online marketing strategies pay off because they reach more people than traditional forms of advertising ever could. The best digital marketing tips, it seems, are those that advocate SEO campaigns and the full use of all the Internet has to offer.

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