Sentiment Analysis For Opinion Mining In The Public Sector

Social media has an abundance of unstructured data that can be of great value to organizations that forecast, analyze, and monitor public opinion.

Government agencies in the public sector, in particular, are interested in measuring public opinion in terms of confidence in public institutions, support for a planned policy, response to new legislation, and the popularity of political leaders.

Sentiment Analysis Software For Opinion Mining

Unfortunately, the staggering amounts of unstructured data produced by social media analysis are impossible to manually measure. Facebook alone produced an enormous amount of data every second with 1.97 billion monthly active users worldwide.

This is where sentiment analysis software comes in. Sentiment analysis is capable of measuring social media for opinions, intent, likes, and dislikes by turning unstructured data into structured data.

Compared to manual analysis such as conducting public polls and phone surveys, sentiment analysis software is capable of reaching a greater audience and isn’t as labor-intensive nor time-consuming.

In fact, the software can examine large fractions at one time, save cost, capture new topics, and operate in real-time. Still, the sentiment analysis software you choose for your organization needs to be capable of establishing context accurately.

Why Use NetOwl’s Advanced Sentiment Analysis Software?

Compared to other software, NetOwl’s sentiment ontology is capable of processing enormous amounts of data in near-real time. Not only is it able to detect the public opinion in a given text, but it’s also able to detect the target of the opinion.

For instance, your average sentiment analysis software may detect a political party is losing support, but NetOwl’s software will be able to give you the context you need. NetOwl’s software does this through Aspect and Entity-based sentiment analysis.

Once the public opinion and context have been established, the software’s dashboard can provide interactive charts to differentiate the available data. For example, a user is able to see the breakdown of public opinion for any entity of interest, such as a foreign prime minister, and the factors corresponding to that public opinion.

NetOwl’s software can also create charts to show the evolution of public opinion over time. One chart includes a map that shows hot spots for approval or disapproval using automated geocoding and location metadata.

NetOwl’s sentiment analysis software can help government agencies in the public sector analyze the data they want for the research they need. For more information on NetOwl’s sentiment analysis, contact NetOwl today.