PowerPoint Presentations The Secret Weapon Of Successful Businesses And Companies

Powerpoint presentation slide design

Think PowerPoint is only for high school presentations on famous historical figures? Think again. The design of PowerPoint presentation slides are widely coveted by businesses large and small for their ability to easily condense information into accessible and useful packages, conveying necessary knowledge to large teams to better help them do their jobs. Business presentation design is practically an art form in of itself and one that many companies try to manage over the years. If you want to help your workers perform to the best of their ability and help your goals become more achievable, look below to learn about why PowerPoint is such an effective tool.

Did You Know?

Not sure about getting invested in the design of PowerPoint presentation slides? Let’s see how everyone else is faring. Studies have shown over 500 million users of PowerPoint worldwide, with an estimated 30 million presentations created on a daily basis. Stories are one of the hallmarks of the human experience, as complex as a two-hour movie and as simple as a round of gossip during your lunch break. Technology makes communication even easier to impart and nowhere is that more evident than the power of PowerPoint.

Who Uses PowerPoint?

While anybody can use it to present a project or an idea, there are certain areas where this technology is incredibly popular. Over six million teachers around the world like to use PowerPoint presentation design services to teach their classes and present lectures — likewise, students often use PowerPoint to help them visualize essential projects. Businesses both large and small like to use PowerPoint to summarize how the team is doing overall, communicate complex ideas and help visualize future projects or goals. Last, but not least, PowerPoint can be very useful for organizations to help make their new members feel more welcome.

How Does PowerPoint Work?

If you want to present useful information in a cohesive and time-efficient manner, the design of PowerPoint presentation slides will help immensely. Microsoft PowerPoint has a nearly 95% share of the presentation software market in the United States and is the leader in business presentation design services. The program is famously accessible and easy-to-learn, giving you a wide variety of layouts, lettering and clip-art to help you better get across the information you’re trying to communicate. Additional images can be added so people can spend less time taking notes and more time understanding the points you’re trying to make.

How Does PowerPoint Help?

It’s been found that visual representation better helps memory retention and comprehension — visuals get 94% more views than standard text-based information and help retention by almost 43%. The average PowerPoint slide only includes 40 words, perfect for supplementing but not overpowering the presenter. It’s been found that 60% of B2B prospects and customers feel their sales teams are not prepared for their first meeting, which can be mediated somewhat by the technology at hand. The results of professional PowerPoint graphics cannot be understated and any business that wants to maintain its financial figures needs to streamline its process.

Why Should I Use Powerpoint?

When only 8% of all people who make New Year’s resolutions actually follow through with them, productive communication design is an invaluable tool. It’s estimated there are 20 million PowerPoint presentations delivered every single day — that’s as many as 20,000 presentations every minute. With the market only becoming more competitive by the minute, using every resource you have will go a long way in avoiding long-term hiccups that can see you losing time and money. Communication is more than just a skill — it’s the foundation for everyday life.