Increasing Number of SEO Resellers


Recent studies show more companies outsourcing their social media needs as things get more competitive in major social networks. In fact, 64 percent of companies perform their own social media marketing strategies without outsourcing in 2010. One year later, only 55 percent of companies perform social media marketing strategies without outsourcing. Seo resellers should be aware of these figures because they expose areas of income earning opportunities. There’s an increase of SEO resellers getting involved with social media marketing services because demands are on the rise.

Around 33 percent of business owners are interested in reducing the amount of time they spend in social media sites. SEO resellers understanding these numbers realize they have access to a large target audience for online marketing services. Those who resell seo services are highly encouraged to get familiar with the SEO programs that also offer social media marketing services. Not all marketing firms are created equal, and it’s encouraged for aspiring SEO resellers to diversify their options to take advantage of a wide range of income earning opportunities online. Understanding a few web optimization techniques is something all successful SEO resellers focus on.

For example, article and directory submissions are a major part of search engine optimization but there is more than one way to submit an article or a website. Submissions are made automatically, manually, or semi automatically. Not all marketing firms offer these three major ways of handling directory submissions, and SEO resellers must be aware of the techniques marketing firms focus on. In fact, choosing the right marketing firm to partner with is the most important step for SEO resellers to take.

Google has plenty of different elements to go over before grading a website. PageRank, for example, is a system named after the CEO, Larry Page, and it is used for positioning websites. Another term SEO resellers should be familiar with is view through conversation rate. This term is used for the percentage of people who read ads without clicking them. Instead, the internet user goes straight to the conversion page of the advertisement. SEO resellers must pay attention to a few terms and techniques used for optimizing a website in order to become successful.