How Can VoIP for Business Turn Your Company Around?

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Any successful business knows that the key to maintaining success is the willingness to change and improve over time. As in everything else in life, you either learn to grow and succeed or you wither away and die. This is the very principle capitalism is founded in.

In this ever more connected age of the internet and advancing computer technologies, the key to change and growth is technology. Of these technologies, those that allow you to effectively communicate with your customers and business partners are doubtlessly the most important, and that’s where hosted VoIP services for businesses come into play. By the end of 2017, one billion people are expected to be using VoIP. If you’re one of the many who still aren’t sold on transitioning your company’s telephony services to one offering VoIP for business, here are three reasons it’s time to get off the fence.

Three Ways VoIP for Business Makes Business Sense

  1. Improved Telecommuting Potential Equals Savings
  2. One of the biggest benefits businesses find when switching to hosted VoIP solutions is increased ability to allow their employees to telecommute. As Forbes writes, improved telecommuting potential equals cheaper labor for businesses. Why? There is less need to rent expensive physical offices and pay for onsite internet, not to mention drastically reduced office utility bills.

  3. Huge Savings on Service Costs
  4. While the improved ability to telecommute offers significant savings, the biggest savings of using VoIP for business are a little more direct. As suggests, there are no sudden upgrade costs or technology fees when using VoIP. You pay for what you use. When you further consider that domestic calls are up to 40% cheaper and international calls 90% cheaper when using VoIP, switching to VoIP for business just becomes a no-brainer.

  5. Non Geographic Phone Numbers Can Help Grow Your Business
  6. For Entrepreneur, one of the most noticeable benefits of using voice over IP services is gaining access to non geographic phone numbers. Say you want to gain access to customers in Edinburgh but your business is based out of Bristol. Why pay long distance charges or make customers pay long distance charges by calling Edinburgh using a Bristol line? VoIP means non geographic phone numbers that can be changed to fit the area you’re calling, reducing calling costs on both ends.

What other benefits has VoIP for business brought to your company since making the switch? Let us know in the comments below!