Does Your Pharmacy Need A New Point Of Sales System?

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Do you own or work for an independent or hospital outpatient pharmacy? How do you think that your current sales software is working? Do you have trouble with the system you use or think that it is badly in need of an update? You may be right. There have been many advances in pharmacy point of sale systems in recent years and your office may need to catch up with the times. Here are a few of the great new perks that you could benefit from with a new system:

1. Mobile Systems – Chances are, you’ve probably paid for an item in the last few years using a mobile sales device. You may have seen them as credit card swipers attached cell phones or even ipads that are using a point of sale application. Either way they are absolutely the wave of the future. In fact, the number of mobile point of sale terminals grew over 100% from 2011 to 2012 with 9.5 million terminals. The great news is that the growth isn’t over! Projections estimate that mobile point of sale (POS) will reach a 46% market share in 2017. Mobile payment systems are great pharmacy sale solutions because they are easy to use for both the employee and the customer.

2. Signature Recognition Software – Another awesome advancement in pharmacy sale solutions is signature recognition software. When pharmacy POS systems are equipped with signature capturing software they are able to not only keep that patient’s signature on file, but compare it to future signatures for verification purposes.

3. Inventory Management – Many pharmacy owners enjoy the perks of new POS systems because they are able to provide the business with a real-time detailed report of sales. By doing this the business can assess what products are being sold and what products are lagging in sales. This will make ordering new products more efficient and ensure that no waste is taking place. I think all business owners can agree that saving money is always a good thing, right?

If you are interested in which pharmacy sale solutions are best for your company then make a quick phone call to do some research. Whether you are looking for a mobile payments system, signature recognition software, or inventory management a new point of sale system can be your answer! Make the call today, you’ll be glad you did.