3 Computerized Sevices Factories Need

3d inspection software

Every company has a few basic rules they hold themselves to, including being safe, being efficient, and having good quality. There aren’t many ways that you can regulate all three at the same time, but digital scanning services can move you a bit closer to where you want to be. They offer a chance to really look at your product and make sure that it is the best it possibly can be. In addition, the process will save your company between 25% and 75% in new product inspection costs and failure analysis. This makes them especially beneficial to those working in factories. Read on for a few services to consider!

3D Scan Services

3D scan services allow you to take your product and apply different filters, like a wall thickness analysis, to determine how well your product is put together. For example, a wall thickness analysis allows you to input how thick the parts of your product are supposed to be, before scanning the product and showing you how it differs from that standard.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are something that most people are familiar with. However, to recap, these will allow you to take digital images and data from the inside of your product, allowing you to see issues that you may not be able to see from the outside.

Industrial CT Scanning

A computerized tomography scan takes digital x-ray images and converts them into actual pictures. It generates a two dimensional image of a three dimensional object, basically. This allows you to take a look at your product from all angels and ensure the everything is completely correct before moving forward in production. This technology is also rapidly improving. Just a few years ago, single slices from these machines took hours to generate, but now, it’s finished in just seconds. This makes way for you to use reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D metrology and more to further improve the product.