Why the Right AV Makes All the Difference

Audio video consultants

Whether you are a retail outlet, a restaurant or a big church, the right audiovisual system and experience can make or break your customer experiences. Getting to grips with all the possibilities of audio video system design is tricky and requires a professional audio video consultant to help you get the best out of your chosen system. Ideally all elements of your system should integrate seamlessly, while also being a good fit for the environment, whether a reception area or a meeting room, and offering intuitive user interface.

The value of combining good visual information with audio cannot be overestimated. Numerous studies have shown that retention is better when the two are combined. As much as 83% of al human learning happens through visual means, with only 11% through hearing and the rest through taste, touch and smell respectively. The impact of good quality visuals delivered in an environment that encourages learning or attention is significant and can make all the difference to meetings, workshops and other big events.

When it comes to retention, audiovisual information is the most remembered. A study that examined retention three days after an event found that as much 65% of information from a combined visual and oral presentation is retained, while just 10% of orally presented information is retained and 35% of visual information. Similar studies have found that combining the two increases retention up to six times as much as speaking alone. This makes the use of visual aids during speeches, announcements, training and meetings even more vital.

Presenting to large groups requires the right set up to ensure that not only can everyone hear what is being presented but they can see it as well. Audio video consultants can advise on the best techniques for setting up audio video systems for your particular needs. For example, groups of over 25 require larger screens to be able to take in what is being shown. Audio video system design services can offer a number of conferencing options to suit the scale and nature of the presentations that will be delivered. Most audio video consultants can also offer professional repair services to maintain or repair your audio video system. Ensuring that you have the right audio video solutions in place for your venue can give you a competitor advantage and ensure that you better achieve your goals regardless of the type of presentation you are going to give.