Why Is It So Important For Your Business To Hire Security Recruiters?

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In today’s technological age, IT security recruiters are an absolute must. From protecting your data to helping you navigate the Internet of Things (IoT), IT security recruiters are placing IT professionals with organizations worldwide. Here are a few reasons why.

The Internet of Things

A recent survey of senior marketers by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that the highest percentage (51%) of respondents think that, by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have made the biggest technology impact on marketing, edging out real-time mobile transactions (50%), but none of these endeavors would be possible without the inclusion of a viable and effective security protocol that includes the incorporation of IT security recruiters.

Data Breaches

The IoT may be important, but it’s certainly not the only reason IT recruiters are so important to businesses. In fact, perhaps the biggest reason to hire IT recruiters is data security. Let’s take a look at two issues in which IT professionals are highly necessary.

Equifax, anĀ international credit reporting agency, announces early in September that a cybersecurity issue revealed personal data from over 143 million U.S. consumer accounts. That personal data included everything from home addresses to driver’s license numbers, and in some cases even revealed social security data. The company handles data for upwards of 820 million individuals. But without an IT professional looking into every possible weakness, data breaches like this one (albeit not quite of this scale) can happen more and more frequently. In light of this recent data breach, IT recruiting services are more important than ever.

Medical Data
Healthcare data is extremely valuable, both to medical professionals and cyber criminals. From health insurance fraud to foreign intelligence, criminals have discovered numerous ways to make this information more lucrative. While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets certain standards for patient information protection, increased digitization of medical data has presented a need for IT recruiting firms and cybersecurity professionals.

Data security may seem shaky, but overall the technological forecast looks positive. There’s an increased need for IT security professionals, which means higher employment rates for countless people. If a business needs IT professionals, an IT recruiting company is where they need to go.