When an Executive Is Lost What to Do

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  • 2.7 million workers left their jobs June 2015

There are reasons people leave their jobs. They may not like the work environment. They may not like their co-workers. They may feel like there are office politics that play a role in who gets what kind of treatment. They may feel like they are being underpaid. There may be other issues as well.

There are certain workers that influence people more than others. There is always the outgoing one, who seems to make friends with everyone. There is the smart one, who is always engaged in long conversations with people. And then there are the managers, whose job it is to direct a team to do things.

The manager is a person who takes together different personalities and attempts to put together a team. This team can be to mow the lawn or to handle garden centers. The team can be to put together financial reports or handle the accounting of the company. The team can be for sales or marketing. The team can be for many things.

The responsibility goes up with each managerial position, as the finances, resources, roles, and teamwork required to succeed at the higher levels are more weighty than those at lower levels. While there is a great deal of responsibility and a higher paycheck, that person has more pressure to do well than managers at lower positions.

At the top of the top is the leadership of the organization, the CEO and the CFO and the COO. These people are tasked with the overall performance of the organization and there’s only so much each of these individuals can do each day. But their leadership can either sink an organization or can help it swim. This means succeed.

The leaders of the organization are often based on how well a company does financially. This means that if an organization is pulling in more revenue than in years past, the CEO and the COO and the CFO will be looked at positively compared to if the revenue was smaller than in earlier years.

There are always moments though, like any other job, where executives leave. Executives leave and another person needs to replace them. This person needs to be high on responsibility and have all the character traits that a hiring company or the owners of the company are looking for.

Shareholders also have a role to play, because they can vote their support or lack thereof with pulling out their shares of stock, which can cause it to plummet. The wrong executive candidate can cause shareholders to buy or sell, which influences the revenue of a company. People with bad reputations may not get hired.

For companies that have lost a CEO, COO, or CFO, there is always the possibility of hiring one through basic word of mouth. But it is always possible to hire one through an executive search firm, which can be beneficial for finding candidates who are qualified and interested in the job.

Top executive recruiting firms are the type that finds recruits for executive positions. Top executive recruiting firms are likely to ask around first before announcing any candidates, which may prove beneficial. Top executive recruiting firms can find candidates that others may not find or come up with a major hire.

Top executive recruiting firms cost a great deal of money as finders of the people but can locate good people for the job.

Losing employees is difficult, as turnover can lead to lost revenue through finding and training an employee. Managers have some of the most responsibility in the organization to put together a team to get things done. The CEO, COO, and CFO are the leadership of the company. They are hard to replace but a top executive recruiting firm can find them.