What to Look for in a Banner Printing Company

Trade show veterans know that having a smart, attractive booth display is the key to attracting visitors to your table. If you don’t have a setup, now is the perfect time to elevate your event display. Your banner display is a calling card for your business–you can think of it as a larger version of your business card. It’s important to choose your banner printing company carefully. The right display can make the difference between meeting a potential client or not, so here are the top things to look for in a professional printing company.

High-Quality Digital Printing

Not all print jobs are created equal. Anyone who’s ever showed up at a trade show or event with a badly-printed banner knows that the quality matters a great deal. If you’re going to be printing illustrations or photos, the precision and quality will be of the utmost importance. Be sure to find a local banner printing service that provides high-end color printing services.

Custom Printing

Some banner printing companies will have a few set sizes available, or they may not be able to accommodate large format printing jobs. Ask around to see if you can find a company that is able to do oversized printing, vinyl printing, or large-scale banner displays. If you also want special effects, custom folds, printing on specialty materials, or embossing, you should specify that from the beginning as well.

Do You Need Anything Else Printed?

If you’re going to a trade show, it’s important to have the table cloths match the banner, and for both of these to match your business card, brochures, and swag. Rather than trying to produce all of them separately, ask your print shop if they are also able to print any other promotional materials for you.

Ideally, you’ll think of your banner printing company as a partner that you can return to for future events, fundraisers, or promotional materials. Don’t underestimate the value of customer service and quality assurance. The right printing company can give you a high-quality job, even if you put off that trade show printing to the last minute.