What Is Net Neutrality?

Voip call routing

There is tons of research on what the best VoIP service is, but even though you might hear about it all the time it can be confusing if you don’t even know what VoIP is. If you have recently found yourself wondering, “what is call routing?” then you should definitely keep reading to learn the most important details of what this cutting edge call service is. Basically, call routing software plays a huge role in our everyday lives because it connects us to other people via text messaging and the internet. You might not know that text messaging is synonymous with voice over internet service, but they all use the same system.

Research projects that the number of people who use VoIP services will be almost 10 times what it was in 2010 to reach over 410 million customers in 2015. This is primarily due to increased smartphone use and greater subscriptions to mobile broadband services. Most of the advantages of VoIP are felt by people all over the nation, most importantly low rate VoIP call rates, portability, and flexibility. About eight in 10 customers actually rely completely on this service to receive SMS messaging from their favorite brands, so it can have a huge impact not only on peoples’ day-to-day activities but also on how — and where — they spend their money.

Unfortunately, there is a bill in Congress right now that is protesting the rights of American citizens to access high quality, fast internet services. This is known as net neutrality and is a contentious issue among politicians nationwide. If you are concerned about more than just knowing “what is call routing?” then you should read more to learn about the most serious issues facing people all over that could affect the quality of the internet they use every single day.

  • Net neutrality means everyone should have equal access to the internet
    If you own a mobile phone you may have experienced discrimination regarding call center routing, which basically means that if your cell phone company thinks that you use a lot of data they can slow down your service. Why would a company do this? Their thought process originates with the fact that they feel they can charge more money for people who use more data, and if you experience slow data loading rates then you may pay more for your service. If you are appalled by this thought, you should consider looking into net neutrality to decide if you support government action.
  • This is not a new concept
    Net neutrality actually stems from a debate that happened several years ago regarding landline phone service, and even before that it had to do with trains and railroad tracks. The original companies that built train tracks wanted to restrict access to those that paid high fees, but the government stepped in and said that this should be a service that is available to everyone for the same fee. Since then, we have has public access to railroads and no one is discriminated against. Many scholars believe the internet is simply a parallel to the once corporately dominated railroad tracks, and they think the government should regulate internet services like VoIP.

What are your thoughts on net neutrality? What answer would you give to someone who is wondering, “what is call routing?” Would you explain the origins of the system or would you prefer to highlight the current debate? Regardless of your opinion, we would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts and join the discussion by leaving your thoughts below.