Want to Implement Teleworking in Your Business? These 3 Technologies Can Help!

Video conferencing

Video conferencingAs the Metro areas traffic congestion increase for commuters and travel costs are on the rise, more businesses are implementing teleworking programs. The anxiety of dealing with traffic congestion, especially during inclement weather is proven to increase a person’s stress and tension. Allowing employees to work from home can actually boost productivity as they are not wasting time traveling. It can also decrease stress levels and foster a sense of employee happiness for their job.

But as a manager or business owner, it can be hard to even know where to start when it comes to telecommuting. First and foremost, it is crucial that you consider incorporating different technologies into your office space that can make working from home that much more efficient. Here are a few quick tips highlighting the best technologies that will go far in improving the lives of your employees as a whole.

Implement video conferencing

While the option to work from home is there, many employees choose to show up to work on certain days just so they don’t miss out on a meeting or two. But you can easily override this by implementing video and audio conferencing into your company’s system. With the click of a button, your employee can stay at the comforts of their own desk but not miss a beat. Or, if they don’t want to video in, they can use the audio system that is similar to a phone. All in all, nearly 90% of remote employees say that video conferencing helps they feel more connected to their colleagues, so this one small step can be extremely beneficial.

Introduce more computer presentations

Developing a digital presentation is one of the best ways to convey your information to remote workers. These presentations are easy to read and comprehend, plus each employee can reference the presentation after the meeting. With the right computer presentation software, even remote employees can present to your team in real time via a teleconference. To ensure everyone can follow along easily be sure to use large headings, titles, and bulleted subtext. Also, don’t use to many special effects. While some effects can be pleasing to look at, too many can be overwhelming and distracting.

Enable remote desktop access / data sharing

Depending on the internal system your company uses, there are different technologies available that will allow your employees to access your company’s system after hours or they are out of the office. This means they will be connected to everything and anything within seconds, and won’t need to come into the office for a simple document or spreadsheet. Avitecture can advise you on which collaboration technologies are right for your business.