Three Signs You Need to Find a Different Contract Manufacturer

Electronics contract manufacturing companies

Would you be surprised to know that, according to Statistic Brain, a staggering 53% of all American companies specializing in the sale of physical goods outsource their manufacturing to contract manufacturing companies around the world? It’s no real wonder why, not when you consider how much money there is to be saved and quality to be gained from working with contract manufacturers, particularly those in the electronic manufacturing service industry.

If you’re thinking of working with electronic contract manufacturing services or you think it might be time to look for new electronic manufacturing services, here are three things to keep in mind. Doing so, you can ensure your company only works with the best electronics contract manufacturing services out there.

Three Signs You Need to Look for a Different Electronic Design and Manufacturing Team

  1. You’re a Small Volume Business Working with a High Volume Manufacturer
  2. As Entrepreneur points out, not every company in the electronic contract manufacturing services industry is created equal. Some businesses specialize in consumer electronics, others in military items. Some manufacturers work with small businesses that need small volumes of product, while others specialize in huge volumes. It might seem like you can work with a high volume producer while only needing small orders filled, but the truth is that’s a recipe for financial failure; these manufacturers typically penalize smaller orders by bumping up the price. Find a manufacturer that exclusively works with businesses your size to succeed.

  3. Your Manufacturer Can’t Be a Legacy Partner
  4. One of the greatest benefits of working with electronic contract manufacturing services is their ability to provide your business with continuity. Unlike with your in-house employees, you don’t have to worry about your manufacturers not showing up to work, as the UK-based small business news source StartUps points out. In order to grant your business the benefit of continuity, you need to make the right choice from the get-go.

    The biggest mistake businesses make? Choosing a manufacturer that can meet their needs now but not in the future. If a manufacturer can’t scale its expertise to fit your needs, you’re going to have to constantly find new partners as your company grows. Avoid this by doing your research on scalable companies ahead of time.

  5. They’re Years Behind Others in Technology
  6. Advanced technology is one of the best things contract manufacturing services bring to the table. Taking advantage of this technology ensures you get every one of your products built to spec, each and every time. Needless to say, if your manufacturer is five or 10 years behind the times when it comes to their tech, you need to find someone else immediately.

How did you know it was time to start looking at other electronics contract manufacturing services? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.