Three Places You’d Never Expect to Find Your Remote

Sharp remote control

Have you checked the coffee table? What about under the sofa? Did the remote controls for TV fall between the love seat’s cushions? If your television remote controls have seemingly vanished, don’t rush out to buy a TV remote controls replacement just yet–check one of these other hiding spots first!

The Refrigerator.

Obviously if you get a snack from the kitchen, you’re hungry. As many people know, you may not entirely be “with it” when you’re really hungry, so it’s logical to suspect that you accidentally brought your TV remote controls into the kitchen with you, but left without them. Perhaps you had tunnel vision for your sandwich and accidentally put the TV remote controls in the fridge instead of the mayo.

The Bathroom.

Just as it’s possible you were too out of it in the kitchen, it’s equally likely that you were in too much of a rush to get to the bathroom. Maybe you hurried off with the TV remote controls still in hand, set them down, and then totally forgot them once your business was done. Maybe you’ll find them if you check by the faucet, by the shower, or on top of the toilet.

The Garbage.

In the whirlwind of cleaning that we all do everyday, it’s quite possible that you accidentally tossed your TV remote controls out with the junk mail. This can likely happen if you usually leave the remote on the kitchen or dining room table, where junk tends to collect. Check the trash or the recycling to see if they’re in there before they get buried under banana peels and egg shells.

If you still can’t find them in any of these other spots, then maybe you might need that TV remote replacement after all. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, though. If you still can’t find your TV remote controls, or think of any other weird spots to look, ask a question or leave a suggestion in the comments! For more, read this link.