The Benefits of Automated File Transfer Software

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Efficiency and security are two important factors that come into play with a company’s IT services. Security, in particular, is especially important as the rate of cybercrime took an alarming jump over the last year. For this reason, many companies are opting for managed file transfer services to provide them with secure and easy file transfer. While managed file transfers improve security, automated file transfer software can improve efficiency, as well. By automating file transfers, a company can:

  1. Save Time and Money – Automated file transfer software can reduce the amount of time it takes to both setup and perform file transfers, ultimately saving extra company dollars that would be spent waiting for these operations to be performed. When files are transferred on an automated schedule, employees don’t have to wait around for another user to manually send them the data that they need. This software greatly increases a company’s efficiency and allows employees to spend more time on important tasks than waiting on data transfers.
  2. Improve Security – Another major benefit of automated file transfer software is that it can greatly increase security of a company’s sensitive data. This software monitors every transfer that is scheduled and can identify potential security breaches. If this should occur, the software alerts the necessary party to suspicious activity to reduce the chance of information being stolen. Reports can also be generated to show daily login and transfer activity to reduce the chances of a cyber attack even further.
  3. Increase Productivity – Finally, automated file transfers can increase a company’s productivity. By automating file transfers, IT personnel don’t have to manually track every file transfer and monitor data streams for security threats. This allows them to make better use of their time and get to things that they might have had to put off before. IT professionals are still able to maintain a high level of control over file transfer procedures, but they are not needed in order for the process to work.

Most companies today rely on a fast-paced work environment to keep operations running smoothly, but poor network security and slow file transfers can get in the way. By automating file transfer services, businesses can increase efficiency and productivity while ensuring the safety of private company data.