The 4 Benefits of Using the Rotomolding Process

Industrial laundry carts

Many plastic products that we all use every day are made through a manufacturing process known as rotational molding or rotomolding. This process can be used to make a wide variety of products. From ping pong balls to custom recycling bins, rotomolding is often the best way to manufacture a plastic product.

Before you decide that you want to manufacture your custom recycling bins with the rotomolding method, you need to understand what it is, so what is it?

The Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) describes the rotational molding process this way: it is a process that does not rely on pressure to produce plastic parts that are hollow. Resin, in either a powder or liquid form gets added to a mold. Next, the mold has to be put inside a convection oven and heated. While the mold is being heated in the convection oven, it is rotated along both the X and the Y axes. This rotation, along with the heat that is applied from the oven, insure that the resin can completely and uniformly coat the walls of the mold. The rotation is done very slowly, at no more than eight rotations every minute. One mold can take up to three hours to complete. After the resin has been fully fused with the mold, the mold has to be removed from the oven and cooled. The cooling time has to be controlled so that it is not done too quickly. Once the mold is cool enough to be safe to touch, the product is unloaded from the mold. This is a very unique process.

Why should you consider rotomolding?

It will save you money. Using the rotational molding technique for making plastic products can save you money in both the preparation for the process and during the process itself. You will not have to spend a lot to get a quality mold for your bulk containers, rolling laundry carts or custom recycling bins. In this process, no materials are wasted because everything you need, you use. You only add the amount of plastic resin that you need for your product. The production time is a lot shorter for rotomolding so that decreases your costs further.

You have a lot of options for your design. The rotomolding process gives you a very wide variety of options for your design. You can create just about any shape you want with this kind of process. You can also make a large array of sizes. Items as small as ping pong balls to something as big as a tank can all be made through rotational molding. When you melt the plastic resin, you know that it will take on the any shape you want it to. By rotating the mold slowly, you guarantee the thickness of the your products is totally uniform. You can also make the texture come out exactly the way you want it to. Lastly, if you want your finished product to have a logo or other graphic, you can make that happen. All that you need to do is add that into the surface of the mold. If you want to add a company logo to your custom recycling bins, you can do that.

The tooling process is quicker with rotomolding. The tooling process with rotomolding system is faster and cheaper than many other manufacturing processes. Blow molding, for instance, costs a lot more and takes a lot more time than rotational molding.

This is a very versatile process. The rotomolding process can be used for a number of different applications. If you have moving parts, like laundry trucks or recycling carts, with complicated shapes or products that have different kinds of materials, this is a great manufacturing process. If you have products that have both plastic and metal parts and inserts, rotational molding is a process that can make that possible. You can insert these components either during of after the rotomolding casting process. This can also be used to create products that have multi-layered walls.

You have a lot of options when it comes to producing plastic products. Rotational molding is a specialized and unique process. Its versatility production speed make it ideal for a wide variety of products.