SEO Marketing Companies Continue to Focus on Billion-Dollar Mobile Phone Retail Market

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SEO marketing companies can often provide branding strategies to small companies looking to attract new customers; also, once a small business has optimized its website design, SEO consultants often recommend a strong focus on mobile website clarity and user experience. Overall, making sure that customers can access the same content on cell phones, tablets, and laptops can go a long way toward increasing customers’ willingness to buy.

More than half of all online shoppers report that they are more likely to make a purchase from their cell phones. Simpler interfaces and streamlined shopping experiences allow for greater customer comfort and have propelled mobile purchases into the billions. In the next year, mobile advertising is expected to top $18 billion, and overall, mobile shopping is more popular than shopping via computer.

About half of searches for local businesses, services, and restaurants originate from cell phones and tablets. Using a mobile phone is relatively simple, and customers are more than willing to click on an ad extension that lists a phone number. There are even cell phone apps that can pinpoint a mobile user’s location and then recommend nearby businesses that they may want to visit.

SEO marketing companies
want to make sure that their clients access their websites’ potential. Some small changes are often needed to optimize mobile content, but making sure that videos and links are active is a relatively minor fix. The more complex work of making a fully-optimized website does eventually translate into mobile site success; websites that feature original content have long been one of the hallmarks of website consulting services.

SEO services can often be contracted for with local companies, and it is important to take the time to describe the outcome that the team needs to achieve. Older companies that have done well in traditional retail environments may want to spark interest in their new website, and newer companies may want to convert their success on social media into sales. By taking the time to talk about desired outcomes with SEO companies, businesses may find that their final outcome is even better than expected.