Scanners A Vital Technological Device Across Industries

Peripheral scanner

Both the public and private sectors rely on scanners to conduct daily operations. These devices have become even more technologically sophisticated and serve a variety of functions. In addition to streamlining certain tasks, scanners can provide access to vital data. What follows are several different types of scanners along with some of their benefits.

Credit and Debit Card Scanners

Nearly seven out of ten adults within the United States have one or more credit card. A 2014 survey found, however, that more people like to use their debit rather than their credit card to make purchases. The results showed that 43% of the participants preferred using their debit card, while 35% preferred using their credit card.

It’s interesting to note that the magnetic strips on credit cards and identification cards are able to store up to 60 characters. These strips can contain account numbers, names, and other types of personal data. Given that driver’s licenses, identification cards, and passports have all become more detailed for security purposes, smart card readers are able to scan and verify this information with more accuracy.

Drivers License Scanners

In 2015, 218 million people had a United States driver’s license. In addition to relying on these cards for identification purposes, they are also required to legally operate a vehicle. When law enforcement pulls someone over for a traffic violation or another purpose, for example, they will use drivers license scanners to verify that person’s identity. When someone has a warrant out for their arrest, this can also be determined when officers use their scanners.

Scanners for Lottery Tickets

Over the past year, almost 50% of adults within the United States purchased a state lottery ticket. Lotto scanners are necessary, of course, to scan the numbers on these tickets. While there are different types of lotto scanners, counter top scanners are common. Some stores and markets, however, have free-standing lotto scanners where individuals can both purchase and scan their tickets. Other stores will have an employee from whom tickets are purchased.

Stand Alone Document Scanners

There is a considerable amount of paper used by office workers. Recent estimates indicate that the average worker uses around 10,000 sheets a year. When documents are scanned and transferred to computers, however, this can greatly reduce paper waste. Furthermore, it is also easier to locate important information when it has been scanned into a computer and placed in an appropriately named file.

Devices for Field Service Workers

Feld service workers can be much more efficient when they have the proper technology. Many workers are equipped with and use the following devices:

  • Barcode scanning: 34%
  • Mobile payment options: 23%
  • RFID: 17%

Learn More About This Technology

Since there are so many different types of scanners that serve a variety of purposes, it’s important to determine which type of scanners may be needed or required. These devices can make many work-related tasks more convenient and efficient. In addition, when cards, documents, and other items are scanned into data banks, this information can be accessed more easily.