Saving Fat Stacks of Cheddar The Top 5 Advantages of Investing Your Finances When You’re in Your 20’s

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The last you may feel like doing in your 20’s is being financially responsible. After all, adulting is like, hard asf irl, right? Right. But it turns out, it can actually make being an adult a lot easier and a lot more fun. And even though millennials have a earned a pretty rap for knowing nothing about and squandering financial opportunities, it isn’t entirely their fault. The Great Depression was pretty bad, but millennials also have a lot stocked against them, with the Great Recession being one. And that’s pretty big one.

In addition to the economical and financial sucker punch the Great Recession dealt, today’s millennials also have to grapple with a ton of high interest student loan payments, having to work low-paying entry and junior level positions, a fiercely competitive job market that’s difficult to break into, and a lack of real life budgeting experience. Even if you think millennials are like, totally annoying and clueless, you have to agree that they’re facing a whole lot of financial hurdles.

But one thing that millennials do have on their side is their youth, which gives them plenty of time to get their stuff together when it comes to financial planning and taking advantage of other financial services. The earlier you start investing your finances, the more money you’ll have when you’re older. It can really be that simple! However the youth that gives millennials a serious time advantage when it comes to investing is also one of their biggest disadvantages because with that comes immaturity and lack of hands on experience, both of which are crucial for financial growth.

Here are just some of the benefits of investing your finances when you’re enjoy the ride of your life in your 20’s.

Risk recovery

An investor’s age has a huge impact on how much risk they can withstand. This is where being young — but not impressionable — comes into play. With decades of time ahead of them, millennials can afford to make more calculated risks than say, someone nearing retirement age. As a general rule of them, the older you are, the more low-risk financial investing opportunities you should pursue. Examples include bonds and certificates of deposit, which are virtually risk-free investments. On the other hand, the youngsters can afford to build a more aggressive portfolio.

Trial and error over and over again

Kids these days are flexible in that they have time to learn and study from their financial success and failures. Again, time is really on their side. Investing takes a long time and has a pretty steep learning curve, but young people have an advantage because they have plenty of time to learn and study financial landscapes and to refine their investing skills. It’s kind of like a win-win situation. If they suffer a loss, they have plenty of time to recover, and if they hit the investing jackpot, it only helps to build their assets. That’s not to say investing your finances later in life isn’t valuable!

Good with all those new fangled whatchamacallits

Aside from being young, kids these days are so tech savvy it’s not even funny. Having been raised around all of today’s gadgets and gizmos, the younger generations are well equipped to apply their digital know-how to the world of finance. With virtual toolkit of online platforms that offer wise investing techniques and strategies, today’s young adults have apps, forums, and social media at their financial disposal. Imagine being able to get expert advice on investing your finances by tweeting to a financial expert? How cool is that!

The human element — the human capital element that is

From the perspective of a millennial, human capital can be considered the current value of all future wages earned. Being able to earn wages is integral to investing and the ability to retire with big, fat nest egg. Having time to invest in yourself is a big part of that, and includes earning a degree or learning a skilled trade. That in itself is a huge investment and a smart decision!