Need To Update Your Pharmacy’s POS System? Think About Going Mobile

Pharmacy pos systems 2014

The POS system used by your pharmacy probably isn’t something that you think about often — and it shouldn’t be, if we’re being completely honest. As a small pharmacy owner, you have more important things to worry about, and you have a responsibility to make sure that all of your patients are healthy and happy. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether or not your POS system is working properly, or if it should be replaced.

But the thing is, your pharmacy might be falling behind if you haven’t replaced your POS system in a while. Here are a few compelling reasons why you might want to think about investing in a mobile pharmacy POS system:

First, mobile systems have all the functions of normal POS systems, and they perform nearly every function that a traditional cash register would (minus the cash drawer, of course). You can track everything from sales trends to stock inventory, and do so in real time. Mobile POS systems can process credit card information, electronic coupons, and prescription discount codes; many systems even come with handheld devices that can electronically capture signatures.

Second, pharmacy POS systems come with tech service and customer support lines around the clock. Good POS providers have online customer support available whenever you need it — so you can be confident that you’re providing your customers with the best service available.

Third, mobile pharmacy POS systems allow you to get rid of those bulky cash registers in exchange for sleek new devices that can be carried around anywhere in the store. It’s important for pharmacists to be able to interact with their patients, and a mobile POS system allows them to accompany customers around your store and interact with them face-to-face. As a small business, you probably already struggle with finding ways to fill your shelves with the items that your customers want, without making it look like your store is cluttered. Every little bit of space counts! Being able to get rid of that huge cash register lurking on your counter will allow you to offer even more products to your customers.

You’ve worked hard to make your pharmacy into a successful business — don’t you owe it to yourself to make sure that it won’t fall behind due to an old POS system? Read more like this: