Mobile Device Management Systems Can Help You Capitalize On Growing Trends


Today, 25 percent of internet users in the US only access the web through their mobile devices, and this growing trend is precisely why you need to bring mobile device management systems to your business. You should want to help your employees integrate their work with formats they are comfortable with, and since smartphone sales have increased since 2010 by 63 percent , there is no reason to not integrate mobile device management systems into your business so that you can have a powerful network. Utilizing any sort of device management aides will ensure that your employees can have better access and more freedom without compromising the network or the integrity of your business. As long as you utilize MDM in a way that your IT personnel can interface with it, few issues will arise.

Juniper Research states that the number representing employee mobile devices is set to more than double by 2014 to 350 million up from 150 million in 2011 and with so many devices in use, it is no wonder why MDM software is needed. Employing powerful mobile device management systems will give you IT team the opportunity to track and update all network devices remotely. This way, your mobile device management software will help you to avoid thinking about variances in the network. In addition, mobile management plans can set security protocols, wipe phones remotely, and lock them when needed. This will help you to feel comfortable with the idea of using device management software at your business.